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Summer Week Challenge – summary

During the first week of August I organised a Summer Week Challenge. It was a photography challenge that encouraged to take more photos on a daily basis to keep memories from the summer alive. There was one topic for each of the 7 days of the challenge’s duration. We collected 40 photos on Instagram using the hashtag #UnusualMomentsChallenge. Check out the Instagram profiles of people, who participated in the challenge:









It was really nice to see different perspectives and interpretations on the topics that we had during the challenge and different styles. See for yourself:


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Below you can see my images from the challenge. It is nice to look back and see some parts from the holidays. The challenge helped me to train the habit of taking photos on a daily basis, but there was also something else that happened that I did not expect. Looking at the task each morning motivated me to make sure that there will be something to photograph. For instance, for day 5 – something very tasty, I wanted to find something to eat that I would really enjoy.

Day 1: Right after waking up

Breakfast on the balcony with a lot of talks about what to see in Italy where we went the next day.

Day 2: Where did my legs take me

I saw a sunset over Milano from the building on the 12th floor. The view was stunning.

Day 3: What made me smile

I will have a lot of good memories looking back at this photo. As we were walking around with ice-creams, I saw this pretty building that could be a nice background to photograph the ice-creams on. I happened to have some bags in my hands while taking the photo on a street where there were a lot of people walking. Let me just say that we weren’t the only ones laughing. And the picture, let’s just say that nobody is perfect.

Day 4: With whom am I spending my day

I spent my day with my boyfriend in the Ferrari Museum. I tried to take a photo with his face, but this is what I got, since he was way more interested in looking at the details of the cars than into my lens.

Day 5: Something very tasty

We went to a restaurant in the mountains to celebrate our anniversary. This was my dessert. You can see there was wine, also visible by looking how shaky the photo is 😉

Day 6: What do I do today

I visited Florence for a day. There is the weirdest bridge that I saw so far with apartments built on top of it.

Day 7: Cosy evening

This photo is of my boyfriend taking a photo of the table that we prepared for the cosy evening and at the same time this is the last photo from the Summer Week Challenge.