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Venice in one day

Venice is a place that one remembers. For me it was one of the nicest place that we saw during the trip to Italy. It started as soon as we left the railway station Santa Lucia (one cannot drive by car in or to Venice – small streets and canals are not very car friendly). You have a feeling of stepping into completely different surroundings: old houses, canals, all kinds of boats, small streets that make you wonder how the inhabitants are able to carry something to their apartments. It looked like in some cases people would have to walk sideways (penguin style) to get to some flats.

Venice is a beautiful place, especially if you allow yourself to get lost and not use Google Maps so much. Almost every single street has something interesting for you to discover. It can be a small bridge, pretty sculptures on the buildings, surprising colour combinations or a small gelato shop. A photography heaven :). If you want to go there, consider that August might not be the best month to see it since the temperatures can go up to 40 degrees. So instead of those moments where you stop for a moment and enjoy the view, you run around like an ant looking for something cold to drink or at least a place with an air condition to hide from the heat.

You probably also heard that Venice is a magnet for tourists, but I believe that months outside of the summer holidays are a better chance to see it with a smaller crowd. Going there early in the morning to see the sunrise will definitely go on my bucket list.

Have you ever been to Venice? What was the one thing about it that you liked the most?