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Monthly goals – July

With the new month coming I like to think about the previous month, figure out what worked and what needs more attention. It is a good way to close one chapter and open a new one. So in this post I will summarise June and write monthly goals for July. If you are thinking of creating your own monthly goals, I created a list of reasons that can convince you to do one for yourself:

  • If you write them down, you are more likely to keep track of what you wanted to achieve
  • They can easily be measured since one can summarise in the end of the month what worked and what still requires some work
  • They give a sense of urgency because of the strict deadline – we all know when the month is ending
  • They help transforming actions into habits
  • They can improve motivation if you decide to share your goals publicly

In June not all of my tasks went as planned. One of the reasons being that I decided to do an online 21 days course about blogging. Anyway, let’s take a closer look at the results:


Exercise twice per week (min. 20 minutes)

Checked! I did a lot of different things to fulfill this one, but mostly I did Yoga, fitness and dancing.


Write 4 blog posts

This one did not go as planned, this will be something that I will work on in July.


Create a pdf about visual composition to share on my website

Checked! Last week I wrote a blogpost about the Composition Advices For Better Photos – free e-book.


Plan holidays

I have plane tickets to Italy and Poland for August. So be ready to see some pictures from those amazing places soon. I still have to book places to stay and plan which areas to visit.


Learn about conversations and conveying messages

This was a point on which I focused on the previous month. I felt like this was the part that I developed the most during the last month. And by that I mean talking about it with other people, reading articles, doing some exercises and now I feel that it is not bad at all. If that sounds interesting, let me know, I can write a post about it.


Find a system to keep an eye on finances

I did not look into it, I will look into that in July.


Find a system for keeping track of new Danish words that I learn

I did not do this one either. Generally speaking, I did not do much about Danish in June.

My monthly goals for July are:

  • Finish up the blogging course and implement the advices from it on the blog.
  • Write 4 posts
  • Find places to stay and visit during my summer holidays
  • Find system to keep an eye on finances
  • Find a system for keeping track of new Danish words that I learn
  • Contact Airbnb to create a photography experience in Copenhagen
  • Create a plan for a retreat that I want to organise with my friend
  • Be more active on Unusual Moments’ social media

Do you have a monthly goals list? Share one the most important thing that you want to achieve in the comments below.