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Monthly goals November

Monthly goals – November

When it comes to planning, I mostly plan my day to day activities. It works fine, I cannot say that my todo list is always empty in the end of the day (especially when the couch jumps onto my back), but most of the time it is getting close. While a daily list helps you get things done, it is hard to set long terms goals. So I wanted to experiment with setting up monthly goals, especially such that they can:

  • be easily measured, since one can summarise in the end of the month what worked and what needs adjusting
  •  give the sense of urgency because of the strict deadline – we all know when the month is ending
  • help transforming actions into habits
  • hopefully motivate others to do the monthly goals
  • improve motivation since the goals have been shared publicly

My first personal goals will not be for the entire month, since I wrote them on the 13th of November. I considered waiting until December but then I reminded myself about a friend I had in high school, which when she had to start studying, she would have to wait for the full hour. I found this hilarious. So yes, my first monthly goals will be for a bit more than 2 weeks. Oh well.

So here is my list for the remainder of November. Since it is the first of its kind I did not want to go overboard with the number of goals:

  • Read one Danish book
    This is an important one. My Danish knowledge is in a strange place, meaning I understand a lot from conversations, I can watch movies in Danish (ok, without subtitles it gets tricky), but I find the pronunciation very difficult. So I came up with a method which I find really helpful. The method engages 2 senses at the same time. I am considering writing another post about it.
  •  Run at least once in the weekends
    Last week I went running for the first time since a very long time and I liked it a lot, so I would like to start doing it more often.
  • Write 2 blog posts
    I do not like that there is a virtual dust popping from time to time on my blog.
  • Make list of Christmas gifts for the close ones
    Giving gifts is awesome. And it is even better when you can see on peoples faces that you chose the right one. I am not the biggest fan of going around alleys and looking for products and the last years I spent some hours in shops because I could not find the right gift for a friend. This year I would prefer to plan the gifts beforehand and hit the shops with the gift ideas.
  • Do weekly shopping
    We started doing weekly shopping in weekends, where we prepare a list of items and go to the shop or order online. But we are not consistent about it. So before December I would like to do 3 weekly shoppings.

Do you have some  monthly goals? If you have more experience in setting them, or better, fulfilling, please share with me in the comments below. Or if you a newbie like me, you are welcome to share here your weekly goals.