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Places to visit in Iceland

In the end of July myself and my boyfriend went to see Iceland, the country where you can feel like you landed on another planet with places looking like they were not touched by humans.


That is why some of the big movie productions were shot there, such as Batman Begins, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, etc. Also a reason why my bucket list got another item: to photograph a wedding on Iceland. Maybe not as dramatic as the one by CM Leung described at DIYPhotography.


With our Iceland trip we researched and listed some interesting places to visit, which made planning trips from day to day easier. Every morning after a slow breakfast and chats we sat with the big list of places and depending on our mood and the weather we decided which places to see. And then the adventure began.

Below you will see a very subjective list of places worth visiting. Keep in mind that we lived 15 minutes from Reykjavik, so the places to visit in Iceland were located in eastern and southern part.


The oldest standing pool, built in 1923. The water is warm and green but still attracting people to take a swim in the nature. It is hidden between mountains with a stunning view. To get there, you need to park 15 minutes away and walk on the beautiful path close to a river.

Gullfoss falls

This enormous waterfall is a part of the Golden Circle tour in the South Iceland. It is on the river Hvítá (White) fed by the glacier Langjökull. You can find yourself very close to the rainbow if you come to visit on sunny days. And no, there is no bucket with money in the end of rainbow.


The one which you can see from far away. It can amaze you with its size. The interesting part about it is that you can walk behind to see a different perspective.


In walking distance from the Seljalandsfoss, there is this waterfall hidden in the mountain. You need to follow the river to see it.  One wrong move on the rocks and you can land in the water ;).


The glacial lake with multitude of icebergs. We only saw it from far away, when we went to visit Gullfoss falls. But seeing the Jokulsarlon up close will definetely be very high up on our list when we go back to Iceland.


The view of exploding geysers is spectacular. First you see the slow water movements, then it boils for a while and at the end, it fires up high in the air. The thing to remember is that when it happens, it leaves the air with a smell of rotten eggs, so you might consider the wind direction before you settle to watch its eruption ;). While The Great Geysir is the most known for its eruptions up to 70 meters tall, its eruptions are not frequent. There are many other geysirs, such as Strokkur which erupts often (every 6-10 minutes) and can be up to 15-20 meters. When you drive around, in some places close to mountains, you can see smoke coming out from the ground.

Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre

I find Harpa being an Icelandic architecture masterpiece with its facade created from glass and a multitude of geometric shapes. It is located with a great view on water and mountains. It was designed by Henning Larsen Architect together with Olafur Eliasson. There is a story about the building, as initially it was intended to have completely different purpose.


The lake inside a volcanic caldera. Another attraction on the route Golden Circle. This big colorful, almost rainbow like hole in the ground with blue water.  This was the only place where we had to pay (400 ISK) to enter.

The rest of the things on the list

In case you are planning a visit to Iceland, I am leaving you with the list of places to see in Iceland that we would like to see if we would stay there for longer time.



Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Thingvellir National Park



Fjadrargljufur canyon

Blue Lagoon

Have you ever been to Iceland? If so please share with us your favourite places.