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Rasa on the beach

Effortless way to subtle enhance colors in Photoshop

One of the most interesting things for me when it comes to retouching is changing the colors of photographs. It is so much fun to see how changes to the colors of the photo can take you from modern times to 50’s or from one country to another (I talk more about in the tutorial). In today’s tutorial I present a few techniques to achieve a calm, relaxed mood.  I am showing how to enhance your photos in a subtle way. This method can be used in cases when you are quite glad from the image straight out of the camera and want to slightly improve the overall feeling.

The tutorial is about enhancing the colors, so it does not include the other parts of the retouching process. There are of course a lot of different ways to achieve that in Photoshop, but this is what I did for this photo. In the enhancement process I used the tools: color balance, hue/ saturation, and gradient map. I did not talk a lot about how they work, maybe it will be a good idea for another tutorial?